15 April 2020

Spotlight On….Warehouse Conversions – New Concordia Wharf and Globe Wharf

Spotlight on... New Concordia Wharf in Shad Thames and Globe Wharf in Rotherhithe.

15 April 2020

New Zero Emission Ferry To Connect Rotherhithe With Canary Wharf.

Following years of mounting excitement in South-East London about plans to build a pedestrian and cycle bridge directly linking the Rothe...

15 April 2020

EPC. What You Need To Know?

An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) provides an energy efficiency rating for a building based on the potential energy performance and...

15 April 2020

Let’s move to Rotherhithe

There are a lot of opinions floating around the internet about the “Best” places to live in London. The usual suspects are easy to rattle...

15 April 2020

A Tenant’s Guide to Property Viewings

Searching for a property or room to rent can be one of the most stressful aspects of life in London. We don’t know anyone who hasn’t been...

15 April 2020

Stompie: The Bermondsey T-34 Soviet Tank

For a moment of levity today, we thought we’d introduce you to one of our area’s slightly more unusual attractions. You won’t find this o...

11 April 2020

Spotlight On … Factory Conversions

Historic conversions have long been popular among homebuyers and renters in London. Warehouses, pubs, churches, school buildings – there ...

11 April 2020

Spotlight On … Factory Conversions – The Bow Quarter

We couldn’t do a series on Factory Conversions without revisiting one of our favourites, an old Alex and Matteo stomping ground. This one...

11 April 2020

History of Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf has a lot of history behind it. The area now known as the financial district of London has been much more. In medieval times...

11 April 2020

The Mayflower Pub, a must in Rotherhithe

The Mayflower is an iconic and historic pub on the River Thames in Rotherhithe. Lucky for us, it's just around the corner from our office...

1 February 2020

Jubilee Line to get 4G coverage from next year

TFL announced earlier this month that 4G mobile phone technology would be introduced across the London Underground network, starting with...