Jubilee Line to get 4G coverage from next year

TFL announced earlier this month that 4G mobile phone technology would be introduced across the London Underground network, starting with the Jubilee line, which will enjoy 4G both on platforms and in tunnels from March 2020. All other lines will follow, with full coverage anticipated by the end of next year.

Roughly 2000 km of cabling (imagine a cable that goes from London to Athens) will be required for these improvements on the underground network.


Free wifi is already available in 260 underground platforms but not in the tunnels, making it impossible to stay connected while travelling from one station to another.

Alex and I often use public transportation to attend meetings with our clients, and the fact that we will be able stay in touch with our sellers, landlords, buyers and tenants while in transit on the underground is great news for us. There is nothing worse than being delayed for a meeting by an underground “signal failure” and not being able to update the client.

Indeed we’re excited for all of our neighbours who commute throughout London from Canada Water and Bermondsey – two stations that will be among the first connected in this new scheme.

Around half of tube users are on their smart phones while travelling underground: playing games, listening to music or podcasts, watching a series downloaded at home or in the office. Well from next year you will be able to whatsapp with friends, watch the news live, and even make and receive phone calls (Can’t wait to hear all the “I’m on the tube” conversations 🙂 ).