How the 2024 UK General Election Could Shake Up the Property Market in Bermondsey Rotherhithe and Canada Water

How the 2024 UK General Election Could Shake Up the Property Market in Bermondsey Rotherhithe and Canada Water

As the 2024 UK General Election concludes, there is a growing curiosity about how the results might impact various sectors, including the property market. At Alex & Matteo Estate Agents, we understand the importance of staying informed about potential changes that could affect our clients in Bermondsey Rotherhithe and Canada Water. In this blog, we explore how the upcoming election might influence the property market in these dynamic areas of London.

Historical Context: Elections and the Property Market

Historically, general elections in the UK have been significant moments for the property market. Political parties often introduce policies related to housing, taxation, and economic growth that can have immediate and long-term effects on property values and market activity. Understanding these patterns helps us anticipate potential changes and prepare accordingly.

Economic Stability and Confidence

Elections can have a substantial impact on economic stability and market confidence. The property market tends to thrive in an environment of economic certainty. Policies that promote economic growth, job creation, and investment can boost confidence among buyers and investors, leading to increased activity in the property market. Conversely, uncertainty or policies perceived as unfavourable can lead to a slowdown as buyers and sellers adopt a wait-and-see approach.

Potential Policy Changes and Their Impact

Housing Supply and Affordability

One of the critical issues in the election is expected to be housing supply and affordability. Policies aimed at increasing the availability of affordable housing can have a significant impact on areas like Bermondsey Rotherhithe and Canada Water. If the government implements measures to boost the construction of new homes, we could see an increase in housing supply, which might help stabilise property prices and provide more options for buyers.

Conversely, if new regulations or taxes are introduced that make property development more expensive or cumbersome, this could slow down the pace of new constructions, potentially leading to a tightening of supply and upward pressure on prices.

Taxation Policies

Changes in taxation policies can also play a crucial role in shaping the property market. Adjustments to stamp duty, capital gains tax, and property taxes can directly influence buyer behaviour. For instance, a reduction in stamp duty could stimulate market activity by making it more affordable for buyers to purchase properties. On the other hand, increases in property taxes might deter potential buyers and investors, leading to a cooling of the market.

Rental Market Regulations

For many residents in Bermondsey Rotherhithe and Canada Water, renting is a primary mode of housing. Therefore, any changes in rental market regulations could have significant implications. Policies aimed at protecting tenants, such as rent controls or increased tenant rights, could affect landlords’ decisions and rental prices. While these measures can provide stability for renters, they might also lead to a reduction in rental property supply if landlords find the regulations too restrictive.

Infrastructure and Development Projects

Investment in infrastructure and development projects is another area that could be influenced by the election. Policies that promote large-scale infrastructure projects, such as new transport links or urban regeneration schemes, can enhance the attractiveness of areas like Bermondsey Rotherhithe and Canada Water.

Improved connectivity and modern amenities can boost property values and attract more buyers and investors to the area.

Local Impacts


The 2024 UK General Election could impact Bermondsey, Rotherhithe, and Canada Water across several key areas:

  1. Housing and Development: Any changes in national housing policies may directly influence development in these neighbourhoods, affecting both real estate prices and the pace of new constructions.
  2. Transport and Infrastructure: Local transport projects, such as enhancements to the Jubilee Line and bus services in these areas, could see shifts depending on the new government’s priorities.
  3. Environmental Policies: Given the proximity to the Thames, any new environmental initiatives could be critical, with potential improvements or regulations affecting flood defences and local green spaces.
  4. Economic Initiatives: The economic strategies of the incoming government could alter the business landscape in Bermondsey, Rotherhithe, and Canada Water, potentially impacting job opportunities and local businesses.
  5. Community Services: Funding changes for schools, healthcare, and community centres could directly influence the quality of life in these areas.

The outcome of the election will determine the direction of these policies, highlighting the importance for residents to understand how different parties’ platforms might affect their local community.

Preparing for Potential Changes

At Alex & Matteo Estate Agents, we believe in proactive preparation. While it’s impossible to predict the exact outcomes of the 2024 General Election, staying informed and understanding the potential implications can help buyers, sellers, and investors make more informed decisions. We recommend:

  1. Monitoring Policy Announcements: Keep an eye on party manifestos and policy announcements related to housing and the economy.
  2. Consulting with Experts: Seek advice from property experts and financial advisors to understand how potential changes might impact your specific situation.
  3. Flexibility and Adaptability: Be prepared to adapt your plans based on emerging trends and policy changes.


The 2024 UK General Election is a hugely significant event with potential implications for the property market. By understanding the historical context and potential policy changes, we can better anticipate how the election might influence the market. At Alex & Matteo Estate Agents, we are committed to providing our clients with the latest insights and expert advice to navigate these changes effectively. Stay informed, consult with professionals, and be ready to adapt to make the most of the opportunities that may arise.

For personalised advice and up-to-date information, feel free to contact us at Alex & Matteo Estate Agents. We’re here to help you make the best decisions for your property journey.

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