Highlights of Bermondsey Street’s Art Scene by Alex & Matteo Estate Agents

There’s never a dull moment in Bermondsey, with its eclectic mix of art venues and cultural attractions. If you want to admire the work of some of the most renowned artists as well as great local talents, Alex & Matteo Estate Agents can point you in the right direction. Let’s discover together the Highlights of Bermondsey Street’s Art Scene.

Eames Fine Arts

We met Vincent Eames of Eames Fine Art in one of his galleries in Bermondsey Street currently showcasing the print artifact of Rembrant, the father of printing. He loves Bermondsey Street for its wonderful sense of community.

As an art historian, Vincent was excited to announce the launch of the new space on Tanner Street that will be dedicated to a fully functioning print studio and the history of print making.


Eames Fine Art Bermndsey Street SE1


Eames Fine Art Bermondsey Street – Inside one of the Bermondsey Street galleries

Peter Layton’s Glass Museum

Next on the tour was Peter Layton’s Glass Museum. The London glassblowing artist has been a well-known icon in Bermondsey since 1976. Some consider him a founding father of British studio glass. His studio has an open-door policy for artists, collectors and even those who just stroll past with a curious eye.

Peter’s art is known for its vibrant color combinations and movement. You will find his work with collectors and in museums around the world.

While he is best known for his bright colored glass creations, he can also be seen mentoring, teaching and directing other artists. His studio has launched some of the world’s greatest glass artists.


Peter Leighton Glass Museum Bermndsey Street SE1


The Fashion and Textiles Museum

The Fashion and Textiles Museum in Bermondsey Street is a nod to contemporary fashion from the ages. Founded by the world-renowned designer Dame Zandra Rhodes, the museum hosts events, educational courses, workshops and exhibits. The bright walls showcase textiles and fashion from around the world and designs span from vintage to innovative.


Fashion And Textile Museum Bermondsey Street

White Cube

White Cube is one of the world’s leading venues for contemporary art with spaces in around the globe. Bermondsey’s location is currently showcasing “A New Nature” exhibit. The exhibit focuses on combining the industrial materials and process while giving attention to the organic.

The exhibition pays homage to Isamu Noguchi. The title of the exhibition is taken from a speech he gave students in 1970, saying “The nature of trees and grass is one thing, but there are many degrees of nature. Concrete can be nature. Interstellar spaces are also nature. There is human nature. In the city, you have to have a new nature. Maybe you have to create that nature.”


It is always great to see the passion and dedication that goes into making Bermondsey such a thriving artistic community. If you’re thinking of moving to the area or are simply looking for a new place to admire art, be sure to check out these highlights of Bermondsey’s art scene!

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