Cycle Superhighway coming to South-East London

The cycleway for London is designed and planned to create a continuous segregated cycle route from Tower Bridge to Greenwich.

It would give cyclists more confidence to feel safer on the roads whilst commuting to work or getting from one side of the city to the other.

In the Autumn 2017 Transport for London consulted the local residents on proposals for the “Cycleway” and overall eighty per cent of respondents to the consultation supported or strongly supported the plans.

On the other hand, there are some local residents who are against the project. “The whole area will be gridlocked all day every day,” commented Micky on Facebook, and Tracy added “No one wants it and the money could be better spent. It will not encourage people to get on a bike just because this is being built”.


The proposals for Cycleway 4 include:

· Two-way segregated cycle track on Tooley Street, Jamaica Road, Evelyn Street and Creek Road;

· Five new signal-controlled pedestrian crossings and upgrades to over 20 existing pedestrian crossings;

· Building on the recent short-term improvements at Rotherhithe roundabout by redesigning the roundabout to improve safety as part of the Safer Junctions programme

· Installing a new eastbound bus gate on the Jamaica Road approach to Rotherhithe roundabout. This will give buses priority at the roundabout and give them easier access into Lower Road;

· New and improved public spaces at Deptford High Street and Rotherhithe roundabout, including new paving and trees;

· New traffic restrictions including banned turns on some side roads along Jamaica Road and at Deptford High Street;

· Changes to some bus stop layouts and locations, including new bus stop bypasses for cyclists.

“On 5th July, Kier Highways who are our contractors for Cycleway 4, will begin work on the first two phases of contraction between Potters Field and Rotherhithe Roundabout. Once completed, Cycleway 4 will provide a fully segregated cycle route through South East London.” – Transport for London (18 June 2019).

The mayor is strongly supporting the project and is wanting a lot more people to start cycling and use public transportation instead their own vehicles in order to reduce the level of polluted air through out London.

“High-quality segregated cycle routes greatly increase the numbers of people who feel confident cycling on our streets and with new pedestrian crossings along the route, road danger will be substantially reduced for thousands of pedestrians too” Sadiq Khan said.