Alex Running his second Marathon for Cancer Research UK

What gave him inspiration

Alex has run the #Londonmarathon twice now - both times for noble causes. The first time that he ran the marathon it was for Sense Foundation which helps complex disabilities for individuals who are deaf/blind. Sense helps people communicate and experience the world no matter what is thrown your way.

In 2019 Alex ran in support of the Cancer Treatment and Research Trust (CTRT), which plays a key role in raising funds for the world-class cancer research undertaken by consultants at the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre. The CTRT's mission is to enable Mount Vernon consultants to continue with vital research and their quest for new life-saving cancer treatments.

“I have always been a go getter and now I have achieved the #marathon twice, alongside starting up my own #company. These are two of my life long #dreams, and no matter what I will succeed”

The motivation for running this grueling race came from knowing that the money that is raised is going to these amazing people that help out in any way possible.

Two years ago Alex’s Grandfather passed away from cancer. It hit him hard. This was a huge factor in inspiring Alex to participate in the marathons. However, despite these external influences, which were important, the biggest reason Alex signed up for the marathon was to push himself beyond his limits and achieve what he once thought was impossible.

This is the same reason he is starting up a #business. It is something that Alex has always dreamt in doing, but always thought it was slightly out of reach. Now, feeling he is ready, it is his life's #goal. No matter how long it takes, Alex will strive for the finish line.

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