Matteo Donna MNAEA

Like many Londoners, I moved to this city a decade ago with big goals and an equal measure of fantasies. Having finished a building engineering degree in Italy, I started from the ground up - working odd-jobs, and honing my English! Persistence and determination quickly led me onto my desired career path of real estate. Since then, I’ve used my appetite to learn and passion for this business to develop a deep knowledge base. For years now I’ve been coming up with ideas about how the business could be improved, and I’m ready to start really experimenting with these.


Over the years, South East London has become the centre of my life. My wife and I bought our first home on Cherry Garden Street, where I am proudly part of the resident association. This is where I celebrate big life events and take lazy walks. So, when I thought about starting a company, there was no other place I could even consider. Luckily, my friend and business partner felt the same!

Alex Smith

Growing up in Devon, I watched with childlike fascination as my parents grew their unused farmland into a successful real estate development. When it came time to think about my future, I realised that this fascination with real estate had never left. I immediately moved to London and used my passion and personality to jump headfirst into the industry at a young age. Now, with six years of progressive experience on my side, starting a company feels like the best way to harness my energy, knowledge, and continued curiosity about an industry that has really stood the test of time.


My friends and colleagues all know that I’m not enjoying myself unless I have a challenge to overcome. Real estate is certainly not short on challenges, but I keep the momentum going through physical activity and sport. I’m on to my second London marathon this year, in support of Cancer Research UK.

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